Spare Time


Spare Time, is an expression that was and, I guess, still is a reference to what we do between finishing work and going to bed – what we do in our spare time. It is my guiding metaphor for this series; photography is not my job, it is what I do in my spare time, but this exploration extends that metaphor beyond my life experience to encompass geological time.

These photographs capture moments in nature that are sublime. They are timeless and unique. The patterns and the light seem permanent only because they have been caught on camera and the moment of their emergence has been fixed in an image. But tides roll in and roll out and everything is utterly changed. This exhibition features coastal areas, and small lochs in close proximity to the coast, where living things only appear small and ephemeral, barely making a mark, their touch is too fleeting. In this respect, it is less about defining the boundary between the land and the sea and more about asking the question, just how do you map a coastline? In a dynamic system change is the only constant.

But these are quiet photographs with passive frames. They represent continuity and change and provoke a challenge to the dominant discourse about our need to save the planet. They ask instead how we preserve ourselves, and if we learn one thing from geological time, it is that the planet will always prevail, but we are unlikely to.

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